10 Unexpected Destinations For Solo Female Travel

Women traveling solo started out as a trend and now many are falling for it as a lifestyle. Women all over the world are getting tired of waiting for someone to join them, so they’re taking matters into their own hands and launching their own jet launch. Some places are considered safer than others, while others just feel completely off-limits. If you’re a woman looking to break those stereotypes by traveling solo to a remote destination, a place that’s a little daring, or perhaps somewhere honeymooners usually go, this is the list for you.

10 Egypt

Egypt often has a bad reputation for female travelers in general, so an even worse one for women traveling alone. Although there have been several reports from the most avid solo female travelers that they would never return to Egypt alone, there are ways to safely explore Egypt on your own if you’re still curious. The safest way is to hire a guide either for the duration of your entire trip or at least for the main sights. Another great way to visit Egypt, even if you’re traveling alone, is to join a small group tour. This way you can travel alone without ever Yes, really To be alone.

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9 The Dominican Republic

What has become one of the most popular wedding destinations can also be enjoyed as a solo female traveller. Who says you need a sidekick to enjoy an all-inclusive resort? Now more than ever is a great time to visit the Dominican Republic as all travel restrictions have been lifted. Try a stay at the Vik Arenal Blanca All-Inclusive in Punta Cana. It won’t break the bank, with prices as low as $100/night for all-inclusive packages, meaning all food, beverages, coffee, pool access and more are included in your stay. Though the Dominican Republic is the most popular tourist island in the Caribbean, it doesn’t always have the best safety record, but if you plan to travel there solo, staying at an all-inclusive resort with maybe a day tour is certainly a good choice.

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8th France

The city of Paris is commonly known as the city of love. This idea might discourage solo ladies from traveling there, but why should it? Who says you can’t love yourself? Make your way to this romantic city and don’t be afraid to venture to other parts of the country. In the south, treat yourself to a real short break in Nice, where you can sip rosé by the sea and maybe even make a pit stop in nearby Monaco. Who says you need a romantic partner to enjoy a romantic getaway?

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7 India

Much like Egypt, India often gets a bad rap from women who have dared to venture there alone. It’s actually still possible as long as you have a thick skin. It is recommended that women only travel to India alone if they are somewhat well-travelled as the culture shock can be daunting for most travelers whether traveling alone or with a group. If you venture to India alone, you might as well go in luxury as it is already so incredibly affordable. As in Egypt, a great option is to join an all-female tour group so you’re never truly alone. Don’t miss out on any of the wonders of the world just because you’re afraid to go there alone!

6 Iraqi Kurdistan

Anyone who sees where Kurdistan is on a map could immediately say “No, thanks” when suggested to travel there. Don’t be put off by geographic locations; Kurdistan is one of the least conservative regions in the Middle East, and women who venture there alone will not come across as having a sore thumb like they would in other nearby nations. Kurdistan is fairly liberal, and with plenty of restaurants, shops, and attractions, you’ll start to question everything you’ve been taught about the “dangerous” Middle East.

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5 Saudi Arabia

For a long time, single women could not enter Saudi Arabia without being accompanied by a husband, father, male relative or sponsor. Thanks to Saudi Arabia’s new Vision 2030 campaign, women are officially free to travel to the Kingdom… even alone! Saudi has changed the rules for women travelers so severely that even the dress code for female tourists has changed. Of course, it’s still common to respect local laws, but as long as you respect Saudi culture, traveling through the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can be a surreal experience for solo female travelers.

4 Colombia

What was once riddled with a terrible reputation is no more. Colombia is perfectly safe for most women. It’s also extremely affordable if you need that extra incentive. Direct flights from the US can be had for under $200 from cities like New York or Miami, and once you’re there, Colombia will hardly break the bank. A tourist favorite is Cartagena, where you can eat delicious street arepas, watch local dancers at night, and explore the fascinating colorful ancient walls. People might tell you not to go to Colombia alone; Book this ticket and prove them wrong and have a fabulous time doing it.

3 French Polynesia

A popular honeymoon destination, French Polynesia is a remote South Pacific archipelago that offers crystal clear blue waters with perfectly contrasting white sandy beaches. Sure, French Polynesia is best known for its overwater bungalows in Bora Bora, but what’s often advertised as just a couples’ paradise can easily become a solo woman’s paradise as well. Break the barriers of the need to travel with a romantic partner and treat yourself to a tropical oasis, party-of-one. Mo’orea is a great island to explore on your own. You can rent a motorbike for $50 a day, and if you’re worried about being lonely you can stay in a hostel or a shared Airbnb. If you really want it and have the budget, rent an overnight bungalow in one of the many luxury hotels on the island. If you want to get into conservation, try planting corals with Coral Gardeners.

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2 Mexico

In close proximity to the United States is a nation with beautiful beaches, quality food, affordable health care, and even a wonder of the world. That magical place is Mexico. Despite being negatively labeled in the US news, Mexico is a great place to travel solo as a female traveler, especially if you’re trying to prove some people wrong when it comes to stereotypes. Tulum is a great option for partying, Mexico City is a great option for delicious food, and Sayulita is a great place to get off the beaten path. Whatever you choose, you’re bound to have a lot of fun in Mexico. Just use the general safety precautions you would use anywhere else, and then rub your friends and family in the face for how wrong they were that Mexico is dangerous for women traveling alone.

1 Kenya

One African nation that really has an appetite for everyone is Kenya. The bustling capital of Nairobi can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re traveling alone, so head to the quieter parts of the nation. Lake Nakuru offers a cheap safari for the penniless solo traveler, and a guide is required, meaning you can essentially get a private safari tour cheap. Drive to Mombasa, a fabulous beach town on the coast of Kenya. Africa is often said to be dangerous despite being filled with 54 very different nations, so go for it; You might even surprise yourself.

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