10 Of The Best River Tubing Spots In The United States

Those who want to try rafting but are not yet ready for the thrill can try tubing first – a relaxing way to enjoy the flowing waters. There are many majestic rivers in the United States, and the ones in the canyons offer some of the best views, perfect when you’re taking on rapids.

Armed with donuts (the tubes) those who want a mellow ride can roll down the river and can even do so with a drink in hand. There is a towed tube tour, as in lakes and seas, when tourists want a little action. Meanwhile, free swimming along the river is perfect for those who want a relaxed sojourn, where tubers can go straight with the flow, literally.

10/10 Ginnie Springs, Florida

The photos of the crystal-clear Ginnie Springs are attractive, even more so when tourists are greeted by their presence. This lush park in the city of High Springs is known for its blue green waters that invite visitors to swim.

After swimming, they can grab a tube and have a lazy swim down the Santa Fe River, enjoying an hour of bliss until they reach Twin Spring. After that, they will experience the elation, and decide to do one more round of free swimming.

9/10 Trinity River, Texas

The Trinity is the longest river within Texas, and while tubers can’t cross its length – unless that’s their goal – they can enjoy the pockets of paradise it offers. Fort Worth is the closest city where tourists can start their lazy float, which is popular during the summer.

Anyone can make a splash in this waterway because, in the Panther Island Pavilion, there are Rocking the River concerts where swimmers can enjoy good music. Add the mesmerizing scenery and there is no match for the tubing experience.

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8/10 Russian River, California

If tourists are craving a lazy four-hour swim during the week, the Russian River has them covered. The two-mile trip begins at Steelhead Beach, taking swimmers along Sonoma County’s bird-rich spots until they reach Sunset Beach in Forestville.

It is recommended to visit on a weekday when the sun is visible as a weekend trip means swimming with the crowd. After all, tubing is all about going with the flow, and tourists can do it best without the crowds.

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7/10 Boise River, Idaho

A summer float along the Boise River means enjoying the view of Idaho’s capital mingling with the lush natural wonders. There is a six-mile stretch of the waterway suitable for tubing, which takes two hours to complete.

Starting in the center of town, the float route will take you along a wildlife preserve, so they should keep their eyes peeled for some critters. Riverside homes, beaches, and parts of the Boise State University Campus also await sightseeing swimmers. When they see a bar near the river, they are free to stop for a drink, and continue their float with their favorite beer.

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6/10 Shenandoah River, West Virginia

Shenandoah River is famous for that John Denver song, but even without it, this waterway would be very popular, thanks to its harmonious scenery. A tubing adventure can be enjoyed there, and the best place to start is Harpers Ferry, one of the prettiest towns in West Virginia.

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The gentle waters of the waterway make for a relaxing float – mellow along the Shenandoah is not just a word but a lifestyle. A lazy 1.5 hour float along this Mountain State charmer is almost heaven, indeed.

5/10 Salt River, Arizona

Salt River offers sweet moments outdoors, thanks to its range of recreational activities. There are boating facilities for anglers and anglers as well as camping and picnic areas. Swimmers will also enjoy the river’s cool waters, perfect for the arid climate.

What takes the cake, though, is tubing, especially in Mesa. There are two to five hour trips that will allow swimmers to appreciate the natural wonders of the river, and if they are lucky, they can even see wild horses. The wind calls for a party in Salt River.

4/10 Green River, North Carolina

If there is a request for fun moments outdoors, Green River is ready to deliver. This North Carolina waterway is best enjoyed with an exciting float from Saluda. What makes this river ideal for a tubing adventure is its multiple rapids, with the lower section boasting class II rapids.

After taking on the small challenge of the rapids, tourists can relax as the light and crystal waters that follow will give them pause so they can appreciate the lush forest. There are no blues along Green River, indeed.

3/10 Delaware River, New Jersey

Those looking to make a splash in New Jersey are in luck because the Delaware River is at their disposal. This amazing waterway entices tourists to find their destination with the help of a donut – a tube, that is, if they don’t want to eat while floating.

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It’s easy to appreciate Zen along the stream, thanks to the beauty of riverside scenery that works with the waters to create meaningful moments. A tubing adventure can last up to three hours, a short period, really, so repetition is a must – as is exploration in New Jersey’s scenic natural parks.

2/10 Toccoa River, Georgia

The North Georgia Mountains are home to the pristine Toccoa River, with its calm waters perfect for a relaxing float. Add its small rapids for some excitement, and a tubing adventure along the Georgia charmer is nothing but pure bliss.

There are Class I to II rapids along Tocoa, as well as some boulders, so swimmers must be cautious. After this, mellow waters await, perfect for taking in the sights and sounds of the mountains. It seems that two hours is not enough for such an exhilarating activity.

1/10 Willamette River, Oregon

Tourists can enjoy the Oregon sun swimming on the Willamette River, a scenic spot to drink in the sights of Mother Nature. This wide stream is perfect for those who want to take things slow, especially since it’s not a white water spot.

Wherever tourists begin their journey, they will find scenic views of forests, farms, meadows and the cityscape. There is no race, but a slow steady float along this pristine river is the phrase, “sometimes, it’s not about the destination but the journey.”


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