10 Fabulous Bars Worth Grabbing A Drink At In Naples, Italy

Whether you like wine, an Aperol Spritz, limoncello, amaro or just a glass of Pellegrino, Naples has a bar for you. Home to some of the best nightlife in all of Italy, Naples is a vibrant, lively and young city where going out and having a few drinks and meeting a few people along the way is a great way to spend at least one of the nights there. . Here are 10 bars you shouldn’t miss when visiting Italy’s third largest city.

10 Casual: Mater Winebar

If you’re looking for a pre- or post-dinner refreshment, especially if you happen to be near the hugely popular and always busy Starita restaurant, a drink at Mater Winebar is a great way to pass the time. With a small and friendly staff, you will quickly feel at home at Mater Winebar. They offer a full bar of spirits, wine and beer, and have snacks to curb your appetite, such as small plates and charcuterie sandwiches. The music they play is always top notch and by the end of your visit you’re bound to be friends with any of the bartenders.

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9 Luxury: Salvatore Cautero Champagne

If you want to feel a little luxurious and are tired of enjoying amateur Prosecco, go to Salvatore Cautero Champagne, a bar that serves only the best bubbles. The host Salvatore is almost always there with a warm smile on his face, happy to talk about the fine drinks he serves or just to talk to you about your stay in Naples. It’s a fabulous little place to break the monotony of spritz and Peronis and enjoy the finer things in life.

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8 Vibe: Berisio Bookstore

In the popular area of ​​Piazza Bellini, there will be plenty of bars to choose from. Most will be overpriced and average tourist spots. If you’re looking for something with a unique atmosphere and funky interior, go to Libreria Berisio. The interior is a bookstore and they happen to make delicious cocktails and coffee drinks.

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7 Wine Bar: Apotheca Winebar

Of course, no visit to Naples is complete without a good glass or bottle of wine. While it’s pretty difficult to get a bad glass of wine anywhere in Italy, one bar with some of the best selections in town is Apoteca Winebar. Not only do they have a great selection of wines, but they also have a range of tapas made to order, all served by warm and welcoming staff.

6 Aperitif: Spuzzulè Winebar

Aperitivo is the Italian version of American Happy Hour, only they do it way better. It simply works like this: you order a drink and along with that drink you’re served a wide selection of Italian snacks, often cold meats and cheeses, olives, breads and pastries. Sometimes you might even get a little pasta. This is the art of the aperitif, a common practice in Italy that the rest of the world should really catch on to. While the aperitif is offered in many places in Naples, Spuzzule Winebar is one of the best places to partake in this Italian practice. The bar is small, but it’s one of the few places that stays open when most Italian establishments close between 15:00 and 19:00, giving you a great space to prepare your aperitif.

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5 Cocktails: Cocktail Twins, Wine and Coffee

If you’re looking for a great cocktail, head to Twins Cocktail and Coffee Bar. Visitors tend to love not only the cocktails and general atmosphere of this quaint little bar, but also the music. Most drinks are priced at 8 euros (about $8). You might come for the cocktails, but you’ll end up staying for the bartenders. They’re all fun and excellent at making some of Naples’ best spirits.

4 On the roof: Vesuvio Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

If you are looking for a panoramic view of Naples where you will be greeted with breathtaking views of many domes, as Naples is the “city of churches”, Vesuvio Rooftop Bar & Restaurant is a great place to get your fix. You can eat a whole meal here and of course have a drink of your choice while you dine. It offers a full bar with local wines and beers and, as mentioned, some of the best views in the city.

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3 Irish Pub: Irish Pub L’Oca Nera

Looking for a little slice of familiarity? Want a break from pasta and seafood and crave something more like a burger? Head to L’Oca Nera Irish Pub, a popular pub in Naples that serves all the classics you’d find at any Irish pub in the world. There really is something special about the comfort of an Irish pub: they are generally the same, providing a warm and welcoming space for people who just need something more familiar in a foreign place. They offer gluten-free options and, of course, Guinness on tap.

2 Club: Plaza Music Club

If you want to go all night and hang out with young Italians, Plaza Music Club is probably your best bet. Here you can dance and party until 5 in the morning. They offer drink specials, with drinks sometimes as low as 1 euro (about $1). It is conveniently located in the popular and lively Quartieri Spagnoli.

1 Live music: musicmelodybar

If you are interested in seeing live local music, musicmelodybar or MMB is one of the best in the city of Naples. Here you can watch rock bands, pop singers, avant-garde and R&B acts. It’s the heart of Naples’ music scene, and you’re sure to catch a good show or two while enjoying an affordable cocktail or glass of wine.


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