10 Dog-Friendly Things To Do In The USA’s Southwest

Many travelers dream of going on an American road trip. While the United States is vast and every corner of the country has something unique to offer, it’s hard to say there’s a better region for a proper road trip than the US Southwest. Road trips are a great way to travel with your pup. So if you’re in the US and want to go on an adventure with your furry friend, head to the Southwest to visit some of these dog-friendly spots.

10 Petrified Forest National Park

The United States is full of beautiful landscapes of all kinds, and exploring its many parks can take a lifetime. However, if there’s one Southwest National Park that needs to be on your bucket list, it’s Petrified Forest National Park. Petrified Forest is a hike but not like the steep climbs. Instead, descend into a canyon-like structure and be greeted with brightly colored, rainbow-hued petrified wood. The different shades will amaze you, and of course your furry friend can join in!

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9 Dead Horse Point State Park

One of the most popular spots in the American Southwest is Horseshoe Bend, a horseshoe-shaped stream of water surmounted by a large canyon. Horseshoe Bend is incredibly busy year-round, especially as it’s a hotspot for the perfect Instagram shot. If you’re looking for a similar experience with fewer crowds, check out Dead Horse Point State Park near Moab, Utah. Dead Horse Point State Park is a vast canyon landscape with miles of hiking trails and dramatic views of the Colorado River. Enjoy a nice hike with your pooch in a much less crowded but equally beautiful state park.

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8th White Sands National Park

For a unique experience, head to the southern New Mexico city of Alamogordo and plan a visit to White Sands National Park. White Sands is, just like the name suggests, a park full of white sandy beaches. The park is quite large, encompassing a 275 square mile field of white sand dunes composed of gypsum crystals. Keep in mind that it can get hot, so you might want to pack some walking shoes for your pup. It can also get windy where sand could hit your face and eyes, so bring good sunglasses and maybe even dog goggles.

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7 Grand Canyon

It’s hard to argue that anything in the US is as epicly beautiful as the Grand Canyon in Arizona. There are many hiking trails here and trying to complete them all could take days, maybe even months. If you stay at the top, a dog is allowed to come along. Enjoy the breathtaking view of this enormously wide gorge. If you’re afraid of heights, get ready. There is no way to really describe how deep and wide this canyon is and how small and insignificant you will feel in the most beautiful way as you take it all in.

6 Walk down the Las Vegas Strip

Ever thought you’d grab a margarita and walk your dog down the Vegas Strip? Probably not, but it’s a reality that is actually possible. While Las Vegas is not recommended for fearful dogs or dogs that hate people, the Vegas Strip is technically dog-friendly (like most hotels on the Strip, but with a hefty pet fee), and you can walk the Strip with your dog commit pup with a margarita in hand if you wish! Just remember that Las Vegas gets incredibly hot, so bring plenty of water.

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5 Heart of the desert winery in Alamogordo, New Mexico

When you think of New Mexico, it’s likely that wineries aren’t the next word that springs to mind. Surprisingly, New Mexico produces some incredible wines and pistachios, and few do better than Heart of The Desert. Home to 13,000 pistachio trees, Heart of the Desert not only makes great vino but also makes pistachios. Though the inside isn’t dog-friendly, you can sit with your pooch on the patio, overlooking the vineyards and sipping a glass of crisp pistachio rosé.

4 In and out

Not every dog ​​will eat human food, but for those who can get a treat every once in a while, why not check out the West Coast’s favorite burger joint, In-n-Out. Hey, if not for your dog, at least go for you! In-n-Out has an extremely basic menu consisting mostly of just burgers, fries, and milkshakes. Order your dog a bunless burger and grab a small treat while you eat their famous animal-style fries. No western road trip is truly complete without at least one stop at In-n-Out.

3 Sky Ranch Lodge in Sedona

If you’re looking for a luxurious desert getaway and want your furry friend to accompany you along the way, Sky Ranch Lodge in Sedona is just what the doctor ordered. Located just off of downtown Sedona’s Main Street, the Sky Ranch Lodge is right next to one of the most scenic overlooks in Sedona. Watch the visitors who go there every evening to witness the dramatic sunsets. The lodge is indeed dog friendly and there is a bar, pool and hot tub on site.

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2 Alfresco dining in downtown Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah is a tiny town surrounded by mesmerizing red cliffs. Most High Street restaurants offer al fresco dining, so why not enjoy a delicious meal with your favorite furry friend? Some restaurants will even let you in with your dog, although they don’t openly advertise it as it’s technically not allowed. Try Pasta Jay’s for surprisingly good Italian food, or visit Moab Food Truck Park for a wider variety of dishes.

The Foot of the Mountain Motel, as the name suggests, is a fabulous little cluster of log cabins nestled right at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Boulder is a great town to stay with your dog and Foot of the Mountain is the perfect place to base yourself. There is nothing quite like having your own log home and waking up to the beautiful snow-capped Rocky Mountains every morning. The cabin is fully equipped with a refrigerator, a TV and a complete wooden interior. A continental breakfast with a selection of pastries, fruit, coffee, espresso, tea and more is included in the price.