10 Best Campsites In The Hudson Valley For The Best Views

There is more to the Hudson Valley than beauty; it is one of Mother Nature’s masterpieces. The beautiful river and highlands work together to provide satisfying outdoor moments for visitors exploring the valley and its communities. Apart from its natural wonders, the area is ripe with history and heritage, making it a destination for tourists with diverse tastes.

The valley is a recreational haven where campers and hikers can commune with Mother Nature in a jiffy. Whether they come with traditional tents or an RV, visitors to the Hudson Valley will experience relaxation in its purest form. Who would have thought that a region near New York City could be bustling with happiness?

10/10 Margaret Lewis Norrie State Park

Located near the Hudson River, Mills Norrie State Park in Dutchess County makes for a perfect camping spot. This 1,000-acre recreational haven prides itself on its trails for hikers and winter adventurers, and the waterway entices them to go beyond exploring.

Its wooded area is perfect for setting up tents, and each of the 46 tent sites and cabins is nothing but a sweet escape. Tourists should imagine this: after strolling in the forest, the river will be their companion to end their day.

9/10 Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park

Clarence Fahnestock State Park near the town of Carmel welcomes outdoor lovers who like to spend their day getting out there. This park is proud of its trails and 80 campsites where the scenery is relaxing.

Thanks to its excellent services, from picnic areas to rentals, guests will have nothing to worry about except having fun with their loved ones. For sightseers only, the campground is a great viewing spot on the rock ridges, always in an alcove.

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8/10 Cape Croton Park

History buffs will enjoy exploring Croton Point Park for its rich stories from the past. It is in the village of Croton-on-Hudson – and the name of the town alone is resting in the river.

The park contains the oldest wine cellars in the state and is where the “oldest oyster shell pebbles on the North Atlantic Coast” were found.

There is also a nature center for those who want to dig deep into the area’s natural history. All that and more can be done for a day or two, thanks to Croton’s reliable campsites.

7/10 Sylvan Lake Beach Park

Those who want a satisfying camping experience near a brand new waterway should consider heading to Hopewell Junction. This small town is Sylvan Lake, and like the town’s name, the crystal clear waterway is all about hope and good, especially for campers.

No gas motors are allowed in the lake, so there is always peace of mind for tent dwellers. The wooded campground is perfect for New Yorkers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city while still being close to the city.

6/10 Samuel F. Pryor III Shawangunk Gateway Campground

Samuel F. Pryor III Shawangunk Gateway Campground is the perfect resting place for those exploring the relaxing Minnwaska State Park Preserve. The park contains part of Shawangunk Mountain, where hikers can explore waterfalls and lakes.

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After that, the campsite is always ready to meet their needs from mid-May to mid-November. Travel + Leisure says it’s one of the best campgrounds in the United States, attracting outdoorsmen and the Hudson Valley.

5/10 Beaver Pond Camps

Beaver Pond is located in the town of Stony Point near Welch Lake, so those looking to make a splash can stay at this rest stop. Some of its campsites are on a raised platform, but wherever guests stay, the area will provide them with the rest they need.

The campground is close to local shops where tourists can score good deals; historical sites for sightseeing opportunities; and paths for those who cannot rest their feet. The camping areas at Harriman State Park are lush, so visitors will have endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

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4/10 Glennacoille Campus

The hamlet of Phenicia is “the gateway to the wonderful Catskill Forest Preserve,” and those who want to experience the lull of the Hudson Valley destination can stay in the Forest Valley Campground.

The outdoor attraction has 70 campsites, and these allow tourists to find their place with the help of Mother Nature while using amazing amenities. The campground is at the foot of Sliabh Sleamnán, so hikers who want to explore for a day or two are welcome to pitch their tents.

3/10 Copake Camping Holiday

Families and friends looking for a weekend getaway should head to Copake Camping Resort, where the outdoors means endless enjoyment. It boasts 217 RV sites and 20 cabins, all of which offer tourists the chance to let loose.

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It is close to local attractions and at least 250 scenic areas, so there is something for everyone, even the pickiest travelers. A weekend stay in this Copake charmer means enjoying live entertainment, games, crafts, and other themed activities dedicated to nothing but providing exciting moments.

2/10 Lake Taghkanic State Park Campground

Lake Taghkanic is in Columbia County and has a campground where nature lovers can retreat. It goes without saying, but a campsite near a waterway is always scenic, and in this Hudson Valley destination, the lake is the perfect companion for a good morning and a good night.

Lake Taghkanic has 86 campsites, each offering a cozy escape. Why? Besides the waterway, the rolling hills and forest work together for a scenic day out.

1/10 Lake Thompson Camp

Thacher State Park near East Berne is home to Thompson’s Lake Campground, a pleasant and peaceful place. This family destination is nestled in the mountains and has at least 140 wooded campsites.

The forest canopy and the pristine lake are always ready to deliver memorable moments. Add the limestone and open fields, and anyone who visits this New York destination will realize that the best things in life are free.

The campsite is very popular with the locals, and those who want to meet new friends are always welcome – friends who are perfectly comfortable with silence as it is natural to experience that by the lake.


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