10 Awesome Things That You Can Do In Kansas

There is much more to Kansas than just sunflowers and prairies. Explore all that Kansas has to offer by doing these ten awesome things!

Lawrence, Kansas and its State University

One of the unique trademarks of the United States is that each state is so different. Each has its own distinct culture and individual characteristics. Many travelers may be looking back on some of the States which are not that big of a tourist destination. However, each state has so much to offer. You may have heard about the attractive state of Kansas from The Wizard of Oz or that it is geographically located on the infamous tornado alley. However, Kansas has so much to offer, and there is much to do and see in the plains of Kansas.

10 Lawrence, Kansas

Located in Northeast Kansas – Lawrence is a diverse city with tons to do for anyone who visits. Home to the University of Kansas, the city has many excellent shops to browse, such as The Raven bookstore, The Love Garden Records, and The Third Planet – to name a few. Lawrence is one of the most popular tourist destinations mainly because of its integration of big city life with small town hospitality. The city has many museums to visit, such as the Spencer Museum of Art, the KU Museum of Natural History, and the Watkins Community Museum. It offers something to do for all ages, from entertainment, shopping, and downtown, to restaurants.

9 Clinton Lake

Four miles west of Lawrence, Clinton lake is a place to visit for those who like anything outdoors. From camping to hiking to boating, this historic landmark offers beautiful scenery for outdoor enthusiasts. It is famous for its unique wildlife and is home to the bald eagle. From limestone bluffs to clear waters – Clinton lake is the place to go for outdoor activities in Kansas.

If you want to see the prairie blooms, visit from spring to fall.

8 The Flint Hills

The flint hills – a region in eastern Kansas that challenges the idea that Kansas is a dull and ugly landscape. This tall grass ecosystem is marked by abundant grasses that grow up to 10 feet tall. Visitors can walk through the tall grass prairies and enjoy the beautiful wildflowers. Whether you’re hiking or camping or trying to do some scenic photography, the flint hills are nowhere to be found.

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7 Botanica, Wichita Gardens

The Wichita Gardens are operated by Botanica, Inc – a year-round non-profit company. It’s on 17 acres of land in Wichita, Kansas – a city known for its incredible food. This unique garden changes with the seasons and offers themed gardens such as the Butterfly Garden, Shakespeare Garden, Children’s Garden, Sally Stone Sensory Garden, and more!

6 Kansas City, Kansas

Divided by the Missouri River – Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri, located geographically between two states. Together they form the largest metropolitan area. The city is the fourth largest city in the United States; travelers can enjoy the museums, monuments, shopping, downtown, and even the famous Kansas City barbecue. Kansas City is also famous for its sports, home to many major professional teams. There is something to do for all ages, and it’s a great place for families to enjoy.

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5 Oz Museum

The Wizard of Oz It’s a cult classic set in Kansas. The film shows state pride in many ways, from collectible memorabilia to a replica of Dorthy’s house. There are more than 2,000 artifacts related to the film in the Oz Museum in Wamego, Kansas. Walk into Dorthy’s house and be transported into the world of Oz! The artefacts in the museum are drawn from the film and the book. If you are a fan – this is a museum to attend!

4 The Cosmosphere

The Cosmosphere is worth a visit if you are traveling to Kansas. Located in Hutchinson, Kansas, the Cosmosphere is a space museum and space education center. There are four venues: The Space Hall Museum, The Justice Planetarium, The Carey Digital Dome Theatre, and Dr. Goddard’s Lab. The museum features space flights and aircraft artefacts. One of the most famous artifacts – Apollo 13, housed at the Cosmosphere and has the 2nd most extensive collection of US space memorabilia.

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3 Wyandotte County Lake Park

Kansas is known to have some of the most beautiful plains, wildlife, and even rock monuments, such as the chalk pyramids. Wyandotte County Lake Park is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. You can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Kansas and the outdoors by providing 1,500 acres of wooded area and a lake. Take a drive, hike, hike, or even camp at Wyandotte County lake park!

2 Dutch Kitchen Restaurant

Dutch Kitchen Restaurant is an Amish inspired restaurant that is worth a trip to experience Amish culture. They specialize in home cooked meals and offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant is located in Hutchinson, Kansas, and offers 72 types of homemade pies! Traditional Amish food is not what most people think, and the Dutch Kitchen is a great place to start!

1 Mennonite Relief Sale

The Mennonite Relief Sale is an annual festival and benefit auction located at the Kansas State Fairground in Hutchinson, Kansas. People gather from all over the country to sell homemade pies, quilts, food, old tractors, furniture, cars, and more! It’s a relief organization that happens once a year, so check the dates to see if it fits your trip to Kansas!


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