10 Activities To Enjoy At Cathedral Caverns State Park

Discover the many things to do at this state park, including taking a cave tour, hiking, picnicking and more.

Cathedral Caves State Park, Huntsville

Cathedral Caves State Park, one of several scenic state parks in Alabama, is a privately owned attraction that first opened its doors to the general public in the 1950s. It can be found near the community of Woodville, Alabama, which is a short distance north of Lake Guntersville. It was purchased by the state in 1987, and ten years later, it became a state park.

The state changed the name of the cave to “Cathedral Cavern,” a more appropriate term because of the magnificent cathedral-like rock formations that make the cave an excellent vacation destination that should not be missed. Here are ten activities to enjoy during a trip to the caves that will make the trip as enjoyable as Alabama’s many Gulf Coast beaches.

10 Check Out The Cave Of Wonders

The cave itself at the Cathedral Caves is the most popular attraction for visitors. The entrance to the cave is so impressive that it will make visitors gasp for air. It is an impressive 126 feet wide and 25 feet long, and is thought to be the largest commercial cave entrance of its kind anywhere in the world. Despite its impressive appearance, the entrance pales in comparison to the experience that awaits tourists when they enter.

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9 A Walk Through the Forest

There are more than 5 kilometers of hiking trails around the 493 acre park, all of which connect with each other to make a wonderful loop through the woods, such as the Yellow and Green Trail loop, which is a bit tough and Yes it is 2.5 miles long and leads tourists up Mount Pisgah. The trails are well lit and easy enough that the whole family can enjoy it together. On Cathedral Caves Road, the trailhead can be found about 500 feet before the turnoff to the cave and visitor center.

8 Trail Running At The Cathedral Caves

A visit to the Cathedral Caves is more than just a walk in the woods on the hiking trails. Runners are also present, especially during the annual Cathedral Caves 5K and 15K races held in the park each November. At first, the race is set against the picturesque backdrop of the Woodville Mountains and grasslands, but it soon changes into something very different. The first 112 miles are done on regular dirt tracks, and the last mile and a half is run entirely inside the cave.

7 Retreats, Tents, And The Great Outdoors

There are many other housing options available within the park for those who prefer to spend their time at the cave for more than one day. The park has 25 full-service campsites, each equipped with a 50-amp electrical hookup, water hookup, and sewer hookup. There are 11 upgraded sites available for tent camping, each with electricity, water, fire ring and picnic table. All locations are separated by sufficient distance to offer guests some form of seclusion.

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6 Sculpture

Experienced rock climbers head to Cathedral Caves State Park for its rock climbing area. The climbing area is a collection of rocks and boulders of varying difficulty near the campsite. Climbing is limited to specific regions, and those who wish to participate must have their own gear and be knowledgeable in the sport. Climbing in the park is restricted without a climbing permit, which can be purchased through the park office or online. To do it safely requires prior training, the right equipment and knowledge of proper rock climbing procedures.

5 Fishing

Fishing in the park is permitted only with a valid Alabama fishing license and in accordance with all state fishing regulations. There is a large pond near the campsite which is stocked with species including catfish, bass and bream. There are several streams that run through the park and offer great opportunities to catch a wide variety of fish. Native species such as bass, bream, and rainbow trout accompany the trout introduced in the fall. Fishing is only permitted in the designated fishing locations and in accordance with park laws.

4 Picnic

Two large pavilions are available for use as picnic areas near the welcome center. Anyone planning a picnic at the park is advised to bring their own food and supplies. Visitors will need to bring their own food and drinks as there are no food outlets at the park. Everything from sandwiches and drinks to snacks and cutlery falls under this category. Be sure to pack plenty of water, especially on days when the temperature is expected to be high.

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3 Gem Mining

There is a certain sense of adventure that comes with panning for stone. Guests are given the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of discovery at the Cathedral Gemstones Mine! It’s easy to do, it’s entertaining, and there’s always something to be found! The process of mining gemstones is a fun hobby suitable for people of any age; The stones found will make an excellent introduction to a collection. People of all ages, including children and adults, have reported having a good time wearing diamonds. Alabama is also home to one of the world’s rarest crater impact sites.

2 Visit Huntsville For a while

Huntsville is one of the fastest growing cities in the Southeastern United States; so its rapid development is surprising. Huntsville is a great example of a city that has successfully combined the warm Southern hospitality with cutting edge technology and a diverse population. In fact, there are more than a hundred distinct languages ​​and dialects in the city. Curiosity and a desire to learn about the world are bedrock values ​​in this city. In 1958, the city was the launch site for the first American satellite.

1 Proceed to Marshall Space Flight Center

The Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), located in Huntsville, Alabama, is the largest of ten NASA field sites and serves as the agency’s primary research and development facility for rocket propulsion systems and technologies. Not only can visitors learn about the history of the US space program in Huntsville, but it was also the city where it all started. Huntsville, Alabama, got its nickname “Rocket City” because it was the site where the rockets that carried humans to the moon were created. Alabama should be on every traveler’s bucket list.


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